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Horns Of The Reach Launches Video On The Elder Scrolls Online

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Zenimax Online is launching a new pack for The Elder Scrolls Online. Entitled “Horns of the Reach”, this DLC brings unprecedented content to the MMORPG. Thus, a new human and beast plagues the Jerall Mountains where we will have to face the Dreadhorn Clan. At the level of the content, we will have access to ….  Read More

The Elder Scrolls Online – Horns Of The Reach Will Be Released On August 29

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Bethesda has announced that the Horns of the Reach expansion will be released on August 29 for The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4. The cost of it will be 1,500 crowns. ESO Plus owners will have instant access. The expansion will feature two new dungeons (Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold), new single item sets, new ….  Read More

TESO: Morrowind: DLC Horns of the Reach – Dungeon Falkreath In The Preview

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In August with Horns of the Reach the first DLC released after the release of TESO: Morrowind. In an official preview, developer Zenimax has now taken a look at the dungeon Falkreath, which will wait for buyers of the DLC. About two weeks ago, there was a general preview of the first paid DLC Horns ….  Read More

Bethesda Announced Its Intention To Release Two Additions To ESO

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Just a week ago, users of The Elder Scrolls Online got the long-awaited addition of Morrowind, and the team ZeniMax Online Studios, as it turns out, chose not to slow down and has already announced the next batch of fresh content. At the presentation at the E3 2017 exhibition, Bethesda announced its intention to release ….  Read More