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Buy Maplestory Mesos Bonus is No Problem


Maplestory mesos price has been low for around two years, because making maplestory mesos is becoming easier. When you come to our site to scan product price, you will find our price is very cheap, someone even ask us if we have profit with so low price. We have low profit with low price, which is fact. But we know not all customers can afford mesos. We definitely consider about it if you really want to buy maplestory mesosfrom us, 3% bonus is no problem.

We remember clearly that one customer got 3% discount in the end because he did not have enough money on his credit card to pay for his order. After knowing all reasons from him, we made a special bonus code for him, then he paid successfully with very low price, got cash and left happily finally. 3% is not only, if you choose western union payment to pay us, you may get more mesos.

We have special deal for western union payment customer. Many kids used their parents’ money to buy maplestory mesos, so money amount is limit. We can understand this completely. Only if you get permission to buy game cash from us, bonus is no problem at all. We hope you can explain all reasons to our service staff first if you really ask 3% bonus to pay. Long-term business with you is the goal of us.