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The most important ally you can have now is yourself


Chaos is a time of change and uncertainty in Maple World. Alliances have become strained and broken and Maplers will soon begin turning on each other. The most important ally you can have now is yourself.

The system is comprised of six stats: Ambition, Insight, Willpower, Diligence, Empathy and Charm. Each stat can be obtained and improved by completing different non-combat quests and activities, and provide helpful boosts to your character. • Ambition – Increased by defeating boss monsters. – Effect: Increases your Attack for Battle mode. • Insight – Increased by mining gems and ores and using Magnifying Glasses. – Effect: Increases your Accuracy and Avoidability and allows you to check Hidden Potential items without the use of Magnifying Glasses. • Willpower – Increased by the amount of time spent logged in, as well as by completing party quests. – Effect: Increases Weapon Defense and Magic Defense, and builds resistance to abnormal status effects. • Diligence – Increased by making items. – Effect: Increases scroll success rates and doubles mastery gain. • Empathy – Increased by gathering herbs. – Effect: Increases your Max MP and Quest EXP. • Charm – Increases in relation to Fame and by equipping special items. – Effect: Adds a Pocket slot to the Equip Inventory and gives a Facial Expression Cash Item. Each Trait has 100 levels, and like Professions, you can track your progress by clicking the [B] key. Data relating to your Traits is located on the right-hand side of the window.


While training for combat is an important part of making it through Chaos unscathed, it won’t be enough. Become the self-sufficient, holistic Mapler you need to be in the tough days ahead with the new Professions and Traits Systems!