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RuneScape is easily one of the premiere MMORPG prospects out there


Runescape Powerleveling is hot at, we are the leading team in Runescape Powerlevelingnicle especially Runescape.Like venereal disease, Bono, and the Republican Party candidates (go Black Walnut), Gold Sellers are just another unpleasant fact of life. Most online games have their defenses and their safe guards, but by-and-large an unwinnable war has been waged against the Gold Farmers and the bots: that is until now.

The world’s most popular free MMORPG is leading the fight back; its developers stripped naked to the waists, pumping their chests, screaming :RUNESCAPE GOTCHOO SUCKERS! Well, that’s what I’ve seen anyway.Hopefully this development will be start of some groundbreaking strides in breaking the stranglehold that these exploiters bring to the genre.

Certainly Jagex have taken the first clear steps, and how far they can travel down this path will be interesting to watch.Now subscription and bot-free, RuneScape is easily one of the premiere MMORPG prospects out there. Now all the Cambridge-based company has to do is enforce a sort of “Challenge-25″ software in the game to convince the remaining skeptics and they will dominate the online world.

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