There is only one random event for Thieving: the pillory

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a PilloryThere is only one random event for Thieving: the pillory. This random event gets you sent to the pillory where the game locks you in a cage and you have to unlock it to get out. While you are in the cage, a NPC will throw tomatoes at you, also other players can throw at you while you are caged. However, although this used to be involved only with Thieving, it is now an event that can happen regardless of what you’re doing.


An effective way to pickpocket an NPC is so corner it so it can’t move. However, you should make sure that you let them wander around every few minutes, or they reset to their spawning point. In addition, if you attack your NPC by mistake just go up some near by stairs and come back down and it will stop attacking you. The best method is to use that will ensure that you don’t attack your NPC is by equipping any type of bow, without equipping arrows. This will prevent you from accidentally attacking them.

When thieving, click to theive someone as fast as possible to get the best experience. If you get stunned, start clicking pickpocket again a second before the stun wears off due to the fact it takes a second to register the command in game.

If you are Thieving in Ardougne center, do not bother to bring your own food. Just buy Cakes from the Baker or just thieve. If you are Thieving from a stall try, and lock the shop owner or nearby guards into a building so they catch you less often. However, it does not always help, most of the time it does.runescape gold.

Those who wish to be a little more accurate while Thieving will can get Dark kebbit fur from the Falconry Hunting Area. The Dark kebbits can be caught if you have 57 Hunter. The fur can be made into Gloves of silence which increase your success rate of Thieving, but they require a Hunter level of 54. The gloves degrade when players are caught pickpocketing and are destroyed after about 60 failures. Another common item is the Ardougne cloak 3. It increases your chances of not getting caught while pickpocketing, which can definitely come in handy!

Rogues’ Den

You have to work your way around a challenging maze, working steadily to not step into traps or you can be sent back to the beginning! You can win a nice set of armour from doing this, as well as a nice amount of Agility and Thieving experience! Check out the guide on Rogues’ Den.