The exact number of concurrent players scales in RuneScape

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An individual game server application supports 2,000 players at once,says Remo Gettini, chief technology officer at Jagex, the game’s developers. We can have a number of these on a physical server, usually somewhere between two and 11, depending on the server hardware. The exact number of concurrent players scales with the number of physical servers we have.

We tend to sit at around 50-60 per cent of our capacity, with room to turn on more servers if we need to, but in a normal day at peak we have hundreds of thousands of concurrent players. This number has remained fairly stable over the past few years, although the number of game servers a physical server box can support has increased as we have obtained more multiprocessor machines, so we have consolidated a bit.

Uninterrupted uptime is incredibly important for a MMORPG. Unplanned server outages quickly result in frustrated players, even when they’re not paying for the service though RuneScape offers some premium features for paying customers.

Although like most firms Jagex is cagey about its security and disaster recovery planning, it tells Computing that the game servers run Linux, and the firm uses information infrastructure firm EMC for its storage needs.

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