There is something for everyone with this fresh batch In Runescape

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Loyalty comes with a reward this week, as we unveil the latest batch of Members Loyalty Programme items! So, if you are yet to sign up to the programme, please visit the RuneScape homepage select “Members Loyalty Programme” from the Account drop-down menu.There is something for everyone with this fresh batch, and the auras are no exception.

We can proudly reveal the upgraded auras, which improve the abilities of auras that you may have purchased from the first batch. Got a Sharpshooter aura? Purchase a Greater Sharpshooter aura, and your ranged accuracy bonus increases from 3% to 5%. The majority of existing auras are now available to upgrade you will need to purchase the original aura before you can buy the upgraded one.

We’ve even taken the opportunity to revise the Poison Purge aura, which heals you when you get poisoned, rather than preventing the damage.It’s also clear, from the auras you’re using, that combat auras are a firm favourite, so we’ve obliged with a few more. Equilibrium reduces your max hit by 25% but increases your min hit by the same amount; Inspiration refills your special attack bar with each successful hit.

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