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All rs2 accounts,items,money and runescape gold pieces supplied on site are the old property of Jagex Ltd.This purchase is not for rs of their intellectual property but it is merely for the time we get them for you , runescape gold is a trademark of Jagex Ltd.All we sell these items, buy runescape gold were just enjoying the game.

About runescape gold,The Following skills of runescape gold account need you to prepare relevant stuff,or it can’t be progressed successfully.Prayer; Ranged; Runecrafting; Smithing; Magic; Cooking; Crafting; Construction; Fletching; Herblore; Farming; Slayer. If you are going to purchase the rs gold accounts service about skill strength,defence and attack,please assure the difference of these 3 skill’s level within 10 in order to guarantee the progress of your leveling ,if not,please contact us on livechat as soon as possible.About The Runescape Accounts Buy Conesidering the update in Runescape,there is a new way for deliveringĀ  Runescape 2007 Gold: through Grand Exchange in Runescape.For this way you need to give us your runescape account name and your runescape account password,then we will use your account to get theĀ  rs gold accounts from our accounts through trading item in Grand Exchange.

And your’d better make your account to be a RS member,so that we can do your runescape gold order fast.About How Do We Delivery RS Gold After Jagex’s Update:how do we delivery?The answer is through the Grand Exchange,like item A’s price in Grand Exchange is from 190K to 200K.then we will use client’s account sell this item as price 200K,then we will use our account which have much buy runescape gp buy it. then we go on sell this item A as price 190K,then client’s account buy it,from this trade client’s account will earn 10K,then we will use our account sell a item if B’s price is from 100K-130K as price 100K,then use the client’s buy runescape gold,then use client’s account sell it as price 130K,then use our account buy it back,so this client’s account earn 30K. For what item we always used to delivery gold is our secret,but if client’s account has high price item on or much gp,the delivery will be fast,if client’s account is a very low lv account and almost dont have some item,for like these account ,the delivery will be very hard and very slowly.