Just post some making RS money tips

basically, just post some moneymaking tips. i have a bunch to get us started.

1. graping

what you need: 33 cooking and a chef’s hat, but only if you are doing way 1.

there are two ways to do this. you can get 33 cooking and head into the cooking guild. (you need a chef’s hat, too.) then go upstairs and grab the grapes, and bank then sell. the GE market price ranges from 0.5k- 1.5kgp.RS 2007 Gold.

the other way is for beginners. start the shield of arrav quest.

dont worrry, just have to get up to a certain part. dont have to fight anyone or stuff. but MAKE SURE TO JOIN THE PHOENIX GANG. so once you get access to their head quarters, head along the path until you reach a room with a couple of things and a table with a grape spawn. then bank grapes, and then sell.RuneScape Gold.


what you need: telegrab magic skill and runes.

WOZ stand for wine of zamorak. ZW stands for zamorak wine. i will use ZW.

head to the falador lodestone. follow the path going a bit west then turning north. when you get to a weird temple, head inside. along one of the sides there will be some ordinary looking wine on the table. try to take it, then get blasted with fire, followed by someone (i think zamorak) shouting “STOP TOUCHING MY STUFF!”. but telegrabbing it does not yield the same results. zamorak wine sells for 1.5k-2.5k gp.


items needed: roughly 1k, lots more if using way 2, combat gear for way 1.

so, for the first way, head to beefy bill, in between varrock and lumbridge. kill some cows and get bill to bank them. then head to varrock and run tans between the west bank and the tannery, then sell leather.RuneScape 2007 Gold.

the second way is the same, except buy off the GE instead of cow killing and bill banking. (made those terms off the spot.)

think i got a few more, but need to check my sources before posting.