The company renowned for its MMORPG of RuneScape

Jagex. The company renowned for its MMORPG of RuneScape. Unfortunately, they are also known for their rather distasteful updates and their iron fist. However, does the name of this company deserve to be slandered? Have the ignorant or arrogant players besmirched Jagex’s good name?

Let us look upon one of the most distasteful updates conceived by Jagex; the removal of the Wilderness. Upon realizing that RWT (Real-world trading) was spiraling out of control in RuneScape, Jagex made a decisive decision to remove the Wilderness and end “true” PKing. However, was this necessarily a bad thing, or have the many players that were, and still are, so infuriated with Jagex blown this update out of proportion? Personally, I believe so. Jagex decided upon the removal of the Wilderness to save their, and our, beloved game, a game which some may now see as worthless. RuneScape Gold.¬†Jagex’s quick and decisive maneuver was a critical blow to the RWTs.

Now, we see the trade restriction update. This update, which I as a player have found quite annoying, ruined the merchant “skill” on RuneScape as well as player lending. However, it was also a key attack in the “War on RWT”. With trades capped 3k over the market price, RWTers were no longer able to transfer money to their clients. A large portion of the players left, but I still believe this decision was justified.

These updates are two mere examples of the player suggested “atrocities” Jagex has committed.¬†RS 2007 Gold. Others include the Duelling cap and the pure essence/rune essence update. However, atrocities they are not. These updates were crucial to the survival of RuneScape, the very life of which many players would rather sacrifice. Of course, they are understandably angry, but is that truly an excuse to being calling their once prized company “Jagex”? Hardly so. In fact, it just begins to show the immaturity of the many players on RuneScape.