Magic users can damage their opponents from a safe distance

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Magic users often use staves in order to augment their spellcasting. Some staves, such as the basic staff, simply give small bonuses to Magic attack. Some, however, provide powerful or unique bonus effects. Some examples:

A number of high-end staves give a +10% bonus to Magic damage when equipped. These are Ahrim’s staff, the ancient staff, the master wand, the Void knight mace, Zuriel’s staff and the corrupt Zuriel’s staff.

Generally, various magical robes are the Magic user’s armour of choice. Contrary to the combat triangle, Magic robes do not usually give defensive bonuses against melee attacks; Ahrim’s and Zuriel’s robes along with Ganodermic armour are the biggest exceptions to this. Rather, Magic robes give bonuses to both Magic attack and defence.

Some mages may instead choose to use Void Knight equipment, particularly with the Void mage helm, as the set bonus grants a +30% boost to overall Magic accuracy. At high Magic levels this can result in a significant bonus to accuracy.

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