Runescape money is slated to be changed completely later this year

As all you know,runescape money is slated to be changed completely later this year,and will probably evolve.The team now is paying very close attention to all those changes,we will continuously make adjustments as quickly as possible in the aim to provide safe and high quality services.Thanks to Botwatch for a clean buy runescape gold world, our Gold suppliers are loving it!

According to the latest official announcement about Botany Bay, a lot of bot users have already been banned from the game. While our thousands of runescape item suppliers are relishing a long-awaited clean runescape item world, we strongly believe that providing only legitimately gained gold is the only way to go.

Stay tuned, stay up to date.At this point, we will continue to keep an eye on the GE and keep our prices as low as possible. We also have a team following official updates everyday in order to put up any new items as soon as they’re introduced.

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