Desert slaves ever be free

Seriously,that mining camp to which people are being trafficked to mine until they die has been there since i remember the Runescape Gold game….and that’s about 7 years back….

and unlike another one,this camp is located not in some super-barely kill-able vampire owned end of the world,but in the middle of the desert not far from a large city and ran by some thugs! why on earth dont we,as adventurers not to mention world guardians bring down that place O-o?

Still, Falador is a lot bigger than the tiny city you see in-game and no matter how powerful you are, you’re still human and they’ll almost certainly be able to take you down. Places like… hmm… Lumbridge or Port Sarim might be a different story.

This camp is probably not that big. There might be just a few more slaves and guards in there than you can see, but I don’t get the impression that it’s an absolutely massive operation.