Can not login subscribed runescape account

I’m writing this with my free account. As of today, I can’t login to my subscribed account. Login screen will not accept my user name or my email. I’ve tried using Chrome, Firefox and the client.

I cannot submit a ticket, because when I click the SUBMIT button, I get the message, “Please select your internet type and speed.” and there’s nowhere to make that selection on the page. No applet launches on button click, either.

Here’s the message I receive:

Login Failed
The username, email or ******** you entered was incorrect
For accounts created after November 2010, please use your email address to login. Otherwise please login with your username, even if you have registered your email.

id guess this is in the wrong forum, probly better with tech support.

r u trying to log into the live game, html5 beta, homepage or osrs? if it works for sum and not others id guess its a problem with the login servers. if it wont work with any then id say its more likely to be a typo in user or pass. gl getting back onto your account

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