Bol side switching runescape suggestion

It’s complete bs that you have to reset from square one upon switching sides. Why can’t they keep all the work I’ve done? I’m a completionist who want to get all the rewards, but the way Jagex have it set up currently, it’s more or less like they want to lock you into a single god for the duration of the battle.

So, instead of completely starting from scratch each time you want to flip over for rewards, why don’t they make it so that you simply pay Kara-Meir 500 Divine Tears to switch?

It’s a simple solution that still punishes you for swapping sides, but doesn’t devalue all the previous work, and token upgrades you’ve done.

As it stands right now, I have to stick with Sara until week 7, when tier 3 comes out, then swap to Zamorak to get all the rewards there, then before the event ends I’ve got to swap back to Saradomin, because he’s the god I truly want to follow and be following when the event ends.

Indeed, they either want us to be locked with the one god we like, that may have not the best cosmetics; or then to work for the two gods for all rewards, but instead having to help a god we don’t really wanna support in the war.

I don’t like neither of the options. Why can’t I just convert the item as desired after we get it from one faction? Kara-Meir has contact with both after all.

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