A number of issues and runescape bug

There’s no option to check time left until assist system resets.

The profanity filter is always on when you log in.

Have to move the divider in FC’s still upon every log in.

Have to filter through chat status options instead of being able to manually choose them as before RS 3 Gold.

There aren’t any hover over options as they used to be in the top left corner; or any way to customize where they appear for that matter. Such as hovering over items, or a player; and seeing their combat/skill total. This makes the sheathe option not as apparent for its function as well.

Only BOB familiars have a “Take BOB” option, where as other familiars, mainly gatherers/foragers, such as the Tree Ent; do not. For example, a player has to use the withdraw option to get those oak logs, instead of a simple take BOB action.

The games sounds are screwy and turn off at random; or maybe in certain areas. There’s a temporary fix if you turn the game music on, then back off; and I have no idea why that works.

I can’t see anything being typed in the lobby, perhaps it’s been fixed and all I need to do is repair/re-install the client; unless that’s a temporary fix again. UPDATE: Can see text in the lobby again after downloading the client and using the repair option; time will tell if this is only a temporary fix. UPDATE: Still only a temp. fix, after only the very next log-in the problem reoccurred.

I do realize a player can hold shift then hit the left arrow key to edit text, and can still click to go to the furthest forward text… But it was a lot easier being able to just click anywhere on the text to edit.

These are all issues I’m sure a lot of players are already aware of, but vital to be fixed. Thanks for your time and feel free to add to the list with your posts! Hopefully Jagex will, or is currently working on fixing these particular issues. One last note, this has been experienced in Java, this may be similar with HTML5.

Sincerely, The Game Design major…

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