I want my old runescape back

Firstly let me say: I have been a member for a long time and I used to LOVE Runescape and maybe still would have if it had the same appeal. The only reason that I am still a member is because I can’t be bothered cancelling my membership. I don’t know why jagex continually have to try and “improve” graphics, increase the number of skills and add SO MANY games in games!!!! Drives me crazy! I used to play because of the simplicity of the game, I remember how addictive the game was after 10 minutes (No chance of that now!). I logged on today after about 6 months of not playing because last time I logged in it was too complicated and today….. OH MY GOD! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE????? It’s like the people behind the Runescape Gold game live on a different geeky planet (Obviously been at the company and “lived” runescape too long) Most of the paying/gaming public like to play games because they are addictive and fun.

Now it is ridiculously too big (far too much stuff to learn, you would need to spend 3 weeks reading the help guide before even knowing how to cut a ***king log), far to detailed (Most people don’t have super fast connection with super fast computers), therefore gameplay is CRAP! I used to absolutely love classic, then I learned to love (begrudgingly) RS2. I just think that you have completely lost the plot with respect to what a succesful game is (look at your dropping numbers!).

Your paying public is be bored and frustrated trying to learn such an overcomplicated “GAME” (I wouldn’t even call it this). I want to rant all night because I used to love Runescape. I have spent literally thousands of hours training, pking, chatting, questing etc. and now I am left simply with nostalgia. You did “try” and give us something back with Runescape old skool, however, I am fuming to the point of explosion that you expect us to start all over again! (You happily took my money for 10 years getting my high level then expect me to start all over again!!! JOG ON!)

I know how you feel, um, Frodo.Although EOC is easy enough to grasp once you mess around with it a little, and the new interface you can make kinda like the old. (Although give me a cure for the lag, I haven’t found one yet. :/)

But our little game that we had is finished, it’s sad but true. No need to repeat what changed it, everyone knows, but I don’t care what anyone says, it’s an entirely different game now. Change is good, but change just for the sake of copying other games and ticking off lots of loyal customers is never good. People can say all they want, but just walk around any world and see the emptiness and lack of players. Yeah, a real healthy game there…

For the people who truly enjoy the new Runescape, good for them, but for some of us, we seem to have no place to go anymore. 2007 server is fun for a bit, to do some quests and whatever, but blah with having to level everything up again. And the stubborn people on those servers fighting any real change at all will suffocate it slowly to death with stagnation.

But yeah, I miss the old times on Runescape 2007 Gold too, you’re not alone. 2008-2009 weekend mornings in Castle Wars.