Combat scaling feedback

Possible spoilers for Death of Chivalry incoming!

My combat level is 190+
The combat scaling was absolutely horrible… The only thing that was scaled were the enemies health, which was scaled pretty well.

However everything else I swear wasn’t even touched, I don’t think I got hit by the 3 black knights and if they did I bet they would have only hit about 10 on me.
The only thing that was scaled was the special attack of Fern and Dawn but I think that was HP % scaled so really that wasn’t touched either.
Also not to mention they could only hit me with their special attack and their normal basic attacks didn’t hit once.

I think I only remember taking damage from the zombie knights but it was not noteworthy the damage done.

The skeletons in the fight with Dawn weren’t scaled at all and I could one hit all of them.

Also please fix the glitch where Dawns special attack is invisible on low details, it is the only reason why I ate one piece of food during the quest.

I know you mentioned in the BTS you were testing it, however it seemed you only touched the enemies health scaling, sorry to say but if that is the case then that is a horrible job you did.Their basic attacks certainly didn’t seem scaled. I don’t recall getting hit throughout the entire quest once except for Dawn’s ground effect.

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