Response to red armdyleans

Hello all. This may be a controversial thread, may be a non-controversial thread, but today I’m here to stand up for all real Armadyleans. I was recently going through the forums and I found something that caught my eye, a thread entitled: “Red Armadyleans”. I thought that was odd. Using my powers of observation just by looking at the title I thought Armadyleans had been dipped in red paint and turned red! My, my, how I wish that was the case here in this moment in time, ladies and gentelmen. As an apologist for Saradomin I must defend Saradomin, but I also must defend our traditional allies; Armadyleans. I will grow through the multiple claims made by the leader of this moment, Sky Aviansie, and I’l let you decide if this red armadylean movement is legit or not.

Betrayed? By Saradomin? Something’s wrong here. I went all through Saradominist lore looking for answers, ladies and gentelmen, and something intrigued me. The thing these Red armadyleans enjoy vouching is the Zilyana situation. Let’s examine this closely, shall we?

What many Armadyleans, and red Armadyleans included forget though, is that Zilyana could hear Kree’arra plotting to backstab her – which is why she led them to their doom in the first place.

Zilyana’s notes states: “Kree has been deliberating over whether to attack my encampment – he believes he has the power to destroy me, but doesn’t want to leave the north open to attack from Graardor. I can hear him talking it over with his generals”

We know from this evidence that Kree’arra was the *first* to consider betraying the other – it was not Zilyana who was first.

Let us not forget that it was ZILYANA who was scared, ZILYANA’s army that was suffering.

Day 32 The assault was not successful. When faced with demons, goblins, and the aviansie, my priests and knights stood firm, but the peasants ran or died. Growler was injured, and we scarcely made it back to Saradomin’s Encampment alive. I’ve barricaded myself and my bodyguards in my chambers. We don’t have the forces to launch a counter-attack; not yet. I must go now and pray to Saradomin. He will help us.

And when Zilyana DID launch that counter strike, it didn’t turn out too well..

Day 45 Bree headed a small expedition to see how the battle was faring. At the time, I thought I was suffering from the strain of command, as I could hear him. At first it was only intermittent – the sound of galloping hooves, the odd shout. Yet, as I focused, I could hear more. I could hear his commands; hear those he was fighting. He was in trouble; his men were overwhelmed

Plus, you have someone, an ally, Kree, plotting to betray you in the midst of all this? Give me a break, “Red armadyleans”.

But we must know, it was not Saradomin nor Armadyl who plotted these things themselves. Infact, if you blame Saradomin’s followers saying that he betrayed you, then we can say all Zamorakians are like the Kinshra, radical, crazed and wicked. That wouldn’t be a fair assumption, would it? Another hole in this radical, red Armadylean movement.

So, let’s continue to observe this radical argument.

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and also knowing that his ultimate goal would be the banishment of all gods- including Armadyl

Are you serious? Saradomin’s emissary said this, /NOT/ Saradomin himself. I doubt Saradomin wants to banish all the gods, however, if he did I’m certain he would not ban Armadyl due to their traditional alliance. Nevertheless, we must wait for Saradomin himself to speak on this matter.

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