Feedback for world runescape events

I’m going to post this thread to give Jagex feedback on future world events. I doubt they will read it, if they do, I doubt they will even consider it but I’m going to post it nonetheless.

So first things first. I thought this whole thing was supposed to be fun? no? well good because if it wasn’t you haven’t delivered anything different. But if it was, you’re far from that goal. It’s a grindfest and that’s all. Just standing there gathering tears for hours upon hours to buy a bunch of overpriced and useless rewards. The armour is the most useful thing but lets be honest, hybrid equipment is crap nowadays. It does look nice however and isn’t bad as hybrid equipment goes. What else do we have? Titles, only one of which you will probably use again (The most expensive). and emotes which are ridiculously priced and disappointing to say the least.

So that’s enjoyment and rewards covered, lets move on to another issue. Not everyone has the time to go on 24/7. Some people have other things to do in their lives. It seems everything is like this nowadays. If you don’t go on all day you don’t get it. Your encourage people to do nothing but Runescape Gold and that’s not fair. But I digress, this is about the BOL of course.

Another issue? I’m worried that the other world events are going to be the exact same thing. If they are well all I can say is great job in a sarcastic way. This is the god wars 2 not some gathering competition. Nothing attacks me, everything is easy to kill and tears are slow to get.

So take my advice: don’t do this for the other world events. This was a huge disappointment. I really don’t mean to sound ungrateful because I know how much work you guys put into this. Please make the sixth age awesome. I’ve been looking forward to it long before the event and so has the whole community. So drop all the other filler updates and work on the sixth age. Do a great job on it.

They could even give a few quick fixes to the current world event.

– Make more enemies spawn. I often find There’s hardly anything to attack.
– Make it so everyone who attacks gets tears, and increase their strength, making it necessary to team up with other players.
-Make them drops more generous quantities of tears, especially special units.
-Make npc’s agressive. (sorry skillers but it is supposed to be a battle after all)