Old graphics option

Before I start ranting away, I’d like to say jagex has done a good job on this game and I mean no hate from this post.

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I’ve been playing rs since 2006 (not on this account) and truly loved the game. Though i have always preferred the old graphics. Im not saying remove eoc and restore the game to some 2010 era but to have an option to play with the old graphics (somewhere from 2011, or 10, – 2012). Either year of graphics would be great!
But I don’t think it would be good to have the graphics option set back to like 2001 or something just something closer to Runescape eoc but before the graphics update. Like 2011 – 2012

-Who would this help?-
The old graphics wouldn’t only look cool (to some people) but it could make it easier to run on older computers. On my old laptop (which isn’t horrible but not amazing) i was not able to run the new graphics well but back in 2011 i was able to run it really well.

– Conclusion –
This could be beneficial for those who cannot run the current gen of runescape and would be a great way to let some people whom enjoyed the old graphics enjoy them again instead of going to private servers.

I wouldn’t even mind paying for it on solomon’s store.

Believe this is impossible… You need to keep in mind that with all of the graphical reworks in the past 3 years jagex didn’t just change the skins around the world they moved alot of buildings around.. You can’t have one person seeing a building where it is now, and another person seeing a building where it used to be prior to the graphical update.. personally i’m waiting for jagex to finish up the graphical reworks..

old Ruantan in the draynor sewers still has the same Chathead that he does in 07… Dagganoth kings have the same graphics as the day they came out, and all of the other cities that could use a revamp… Keldagrim, mieyer, leyta, Nardah, Poli, Soph and all the rest.

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