Daemon runescape task sagas completed

I can’t believe that jagex developers are going to force us to repeat the sagas, just because…. N O R E A S O N.

I insist , please to jagex, grant the task to the players who already unlocked those sagas…

And if in your mind there is a real reason why we have to redo a content, like these sagas???, have the decency to post in this thread, what is that reason.

Don’t you see jagex, you are pushing players out of this games.. again W H A T I S T H E P O I N T T O M A K E U S R E P E A T T H E S A G A S ???????

Im so frustrated with this game..

And for all the ones who are going to troll this thread.. just try to be mature and respond with a real argument.

I re-did them. It was not fun, especially since I’d done 3 of them recently to get 100%.

There was nothing NEW I found by doing them. It felt like re-doing One Small Favour, having only done it 5 hours before. Sure, they’re technically repeatable, but why would you want to.

When the fire cape task came out, the task was not to kill jad; it was to wear the fire cape. When des tasks came out, it wasn’t “kill 500 bosses again”, it was display a full banner. Previously done content sometimes makes sense for tasks.

I hope so, I really think there are some decent developers at jagex, that may understand this is a completely unfair task to be redo, for not real reason.
I pay this game, not to redo content, unless is a boss fighting, but a saga? that is already unlock, and is also part of the completionist cape, which i have… I don’t get it.

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