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Waking world is the most important pursuit of ever

After completing this task , you will receive more than 800,000 XP in the form of different skills ( prerequisite level ranging from 65 to 80 ) , five new Ultimate Fighting ability ( up to 85 after the appropriate skills ) and top lights decorative function . You can win more BONUS: a powerful ring , the title , the new target slayer booty, which may include gloves 85 and pets. To access these rewards, you have to complete the task in the world to meet certain prerequisites awakening and a higher level ( listed here ) .

Note: Starting next week , the next game will be based on the content of the scene, the pursuit of awakening in the world occurred in the past fact. We recommend that you do this task , in order to avoid stumble upon a revelation , it will destroy all the suspense !

In your quest to explore awakening in the world , you will find that it is not doubled. This is due to the large covered NPC: about three years old, many of them are already in other tasks. We prefer to focus on other aspects such as quality incentives and practical experience . We hope you like it.

However, we recommend that you activate this task sounds. If not, please watch the video , “the origin of Gielinor ‘s ” awakening the world or listen to music tracks orchestral theme medley is amazing ! Spots look, we are here to provide cheap Runescape Gold

The evolution has been fighting for the latest news ! Now you cause much damage , with the hands and arms of the Two-Weapon  Fighting , and wizards can now launch a different spell in each hand ! In addition, players can now also reduces armor ports to armor NEX.