RS3 Smithing fast to level up

At first, find Squire Asrol in Falador, speak to him to receive the quest. Then go to the Sir Vyvin’s room to steal the picture in the cabinet. Note, I mean steal, not by speaking to Sir Vyvin, otherwise, you will not get the picture.


You need to speak to others to receive this quest. Two things are required to be done: make redberry pie and get the blurite ore and two iron bars.

After that, teleport to Draynor Village to make the redberry pie. It is simple. Compound the redberries and pie shell, then cook it. It is troublesome to collect materials, because materials are distributed in different villages. In here I will show you how to get the materials fast, and you can also gain 1 Achievements at the same time.

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There is no need to teleport to Varrock to get redberries, we can find them around the walls. Try to find Beefy Bill in Draynor Village. He is a seller as well as a meditation. You can only deposit beef and pie there. It costs only 6gp to buy a pie and redberry, then you can make the model of redberry pie. You will see many cow here, just attack it. Deposit the raw beef in here, and then you get 1 Achievement. Teleport to Port Sarim, find the closest Cooking Range to cook the model, the redberry pie will be made soon. Note. Port Sarim is the nearest teleportation from the destination, that’s why I chose it.

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