You can swap your OSRS to RS3

I read a message on reddit that one of an OSRS player who has 120m gold on his character,he feared one day jagex will just going to annouce, they’re closing the old school server due to lack of numbers.Someone probably thought that is a stupid thought,but i don’t think so. It really not so safe to put so many extra rs money on your character,then what will you do will the gold ?

Firstly, u can swap your OSRS to RS3. There are many forums for runescape players to swap RS gold , such as SYTHE,POWERBOT,OSBOT,TRIBOT and so on .It is really safe to swap here.But it may waste a little more time on the whole trainscation .Here at the u can complete the whole processure within 10 minutes with 100% safe guarantee.

Secondly,u can sell your OSRS to real cash.We all know buying and selling runescape gold obey the Jagex ,but there are still many legit and safe sites where u can sell your extra old school runescape gold.When u decide to sell your gold u may need have a paypal account,most webstores choose paypal as their payment method which is more safe more for both of buyer and seller.Selling runescape gold online not only can earn real cash better your life but also prevent losing any your gold.

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