Try your best to get so much currency and items as you can

What is the most important parts in any MMO games?Bingo!it was game currency and game items!Without exception,if you are a number of rs players,you need to try your best to get so much currency and items as you can.So,you must know some methods to get more cheap Runescape items.


As we know, the game currency of Old School Server is called rs 2007 gold. It is very important; because if you want to get RS items, you will use RS gold to exchange in the game, so how much runescape items you will get will depend on how much RS gold you will get. Because if you have enough RS gold, you will be able to exchange enough RS items.

Runescape items

Let’s see how to get RS gold. First, if you are a free man, what means you have a lot of time killing game, you can do many quests. Because you will get runescape 2007 gold as reward once you finish a quest. The more quests you do, the more gold you will be rewarded. Also you can kill as more monsters as you can in the game, killing monsters can also reward you certain amount of runescape gold.

rs items

But if you are a busy man with school or work, then you will have another 2 ways. The first way is to buy rs gold on the internet. There are many rs gold sellers. And we are one of them. You can get cheap rs gold from us. We offer 24/7 service. Whenever you want to buy, you can always reach us. After you have made an order on our site, we will meet you in game and then deliver the gold to you face to face in game, it is very easy and fast.

If you do not have money or time to get RS gold, there is still a way for you. That is to use bots. You can get a free bot on the internet. And then the bot will help your character exploit in game 24/7. By this way, you can also get a lot of gold for free. With that free gold, you can buy or exchange many different kinds of runescape items in the game to make your character powerful. Now you must know the ways of getting gold and items, you can choose your favorite way to have a try. And we wish you have fun in playing Runescape.