FUT 15 Winning Tips:What Matters to FIFA 15 Chemistry

In order to build a FIFA 15 dream squad, you need to pay attention to many aspects such as formations, players and team chemistry. Here we will discuss the importance of team chemistry with three chemistry influencing factors: players’ position, players’ relation and club loyalty.

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Arrangement of players is the first key point. Usually you will put a player in his natural position, like using Messi as CF, but you can try to put him in a different position such as ST and then check that which position is better, the natural one or the new position. I know maybe you will reply with “nonsense” or “ridiculous view”, but who knows. Maybe you will find a better choice. With the use of FIFA 15 concept squad feature, you can test your team and select the best. Note that all adjustments you made are all based on players’ ratings and skills.

After dealing with players’ position, you should focus on players’ relation. Usually you may choose best partners as partners, such as Messi and Neymar. But it always spends lots of FIFA 15 coins with less affectivity.At this moment, you can focus on the chemistry links which are divided into Dead Link, Weak, Strong, Hyper. Each player’s attributes are affected and what really counts for the individual chemistry is the summation of the intensities of the connections that a specific player has.

Select players from the same club as possible as you can. Loyalty here is designed to further reward UT players for opening packs or keeping a player for an extended amount of games. After 10 matches of playing with the same player, or using a player pulled from a pack, the player will receive a bonus to his Individual Chemistry. He only needs one of these two things to get the bonus.

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