Tips to build team – set up a perfect chemical FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

FIFA 15 Chemistry can be described as the relation between a player and his club or his position. The chemistry would affect the player’s ability which plays very important on building squad.Ideally, you need to have a higher chemistry to encourage the player’s performance. How can we get perfect chemistry style in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team? Now, we are pleased to share these experiences to everyone here.

First, we should put players on the property position so that we can get great Chemistry value.For example:


If you put a CM on ST position, you would get -4 chemistry point, while if you put the CM on CM Position you would get 3 chemistry point

Chemistry with Squad Members

After we put the players in the correct position, we can base on the line between two players to judge the Chemistry. There are three properties we should take consideration, such as nationality,league,and club.

Green Line: This connection occurs when two players have at least two same properties in nationalities,league, and club
Orange Line:This connection occurs when two players only have one same property in nationalities,leagues,clubs.
Red Line:This connection occurs when two players have no same property.

Chemistry with Managers

Similar to squad members, the nationality and league of managers also play a key role in determining the chemistry of a player. To keep in mind here is that you don’t always have to match the nationality or league of your manager to the majority of your players.Perfect chemistry squad as follow:


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