FIFA15 skills to master – to score more goals in the FUT


1.Chipped through ball, don’t handle RT when catching the ball.

2.To handle LT to stabilize to carry ball.

3.If only one opponent to defense you, then back to him (handle LT) and move your body from side to side (LT is protecting the ball). Once you dribbled past the defender, to accelerate speed in one direction and kick out, to take off LT or RT and dribble the ball to back direction.
FIFA 15 Fake Shot (Handle X then, click A quickly).

4.You would better practice the practical Berbatov Spin, right Stick up+right (or up +left). Even though you can’t get the goal, you still can make pressure to your opponent.

5.Long shot can get more goals in rainy day.

6.If the goal keeper is Iker Casillas Fernández, to kick long shot as free as you want

7.Control your defending midfielder well when defending. To stand on the possible passing line, before the opponent kick the ball to handle RB make teammate help defense (Turn off auto switch).

8.Scoring on a free kick is somewhat more difficult. You will power up your shot to between two or three bars of power depending on your distance, and when your kicker starts running to the ball, hold the left analog stick up.

9.Choose a formation with minimum two strikes in a line. In FIFA 15, better to choose the formation has double defending midfielder or many players in midfield. It will then be easy to score goals by 1-2-1 pass.

10.We all know the finesse shots are far more accurate than normal shots. In order to execute finesse shots, you need to press the RB/R1 and then press the B/Circle button. These shots should be used if you’re trying to score a goal with an increased pace than the regular shots.
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