Day: March 29, 2018

Path of Exile

Most Of Path Of Exile Players Are In Need Of PoE Orbs Cheap

Most of the Path of Exile players are in need of PoE orbs cheap, but it’s not easy to collect by yourself. If you are not a max-leveled and well-geared crafter, its very hard to make items in Path of Exile. What can you do to enjoy the game without boring farm? Here is an […]

Other MMORPG Games

Final Fantasy XIV Brings Eureka And Fan Favorite Hildibrand In March

The release date for Final Fantasy XIV Content Patch 4.25 is fixed: 13.03. Players will be able to enter the Forbidden Land, Eureka. In addition, the fan favorite Hildibrand teaches back. And as a bonus, there is the continuation of the quest series about the funny adventures of the popular character Hildibrand. Eureka brings along […]

Path of Exile

Bestiary League Added A New Mechanic To Path Of Exile

The Bestiary League added a new mechanic to the action / RPG Path of Exile, allowing animals to be caught, new skills and new PoE items. The main part of PC-players reacted positively to most innovations and had already replenished their menageries with dangerous creatures. Now, employees of the company Grinding Gear Games reported that […]