NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21: Methods to Get Shooting Badges Fast

In NBA 2K21, shooting badges can be earned to boost a MyPlayer’s basic skills further, then how get more badges in the shortest time? Here are a few tips you should know that will help you get badges fast. Of course, you can also buy cheap mt 2k21 through us to enhance your game experience. Now back to the text!

shooting badges method

1. Watch your options

To earn shooting badges in NBA 2K21, the fastest way is to play games in MyCareer; it’s recommended to play on 12 minute Quarter Length to optimize gameplay time with minimal interruptions and set the Game Difficulty to Pro, which can ensure your opponent is relatively strong but not too difficult to win.

2. Go to the Controller Settings

Another thing you want to do is go to the Controller Settings, then change your Shot Meter to Off or Free Throw Only, so you get an extra boost to your shot.

3. Let your Opponents Score

With high playtime in mind, it also helps if you let your opponents score quickly. You may lose the game, but you’ll get a maximum touch on the ball. That’s the cornerstone of any good Shooting Badge grind.

4. Work Well With Your Teammate

Try to work well with your teammate to get a better teammate grade; the higher team chemistry is helpful.

5. Play Bad Teams

If you want the best chance of having the most impact per game, you’re best off playing teams with bad defensive stats. Maybe sim games against teams like the Hornets or Spurs, if you’re starting.

6. Real Player Percentage (Maybe)

You can change the Shot Timing to Real Player %, which makes the shooting more dependent on your player’s overall attributes, not the timing you shoot.

7. Step-Back

One of the most common Shooting Badge upgrade methods to emerge in the days since launch is the step-back method. Just as a defender sizes you up, pull back on the left stick to make a step-back move. The defender will get confused on lower difficulties, leaving you to wind open to green a solid jumper. This works a lot of the time, but there are no guarantees.

8. Outside Hook

Another easy bucket to get is a hook outside the paint. This one may require unlocking the Deep Hook Finishing Badge first, though. Once you have it, hold the left trigger and pull the right stick upward. You’ll get all the shot credit for your efforts.

9. Mid-Range Corner Shots

Mid-range shots from the corner have a high percentage of going in right now, even with light contact. Take advantage of these in the event any of the other methods fail you.

10. Do Drills

Doing drills inside your Training Facility is an excellent source of rep. As you get started, use Coach Drills like Pick & Pop. Later on, take advantage of Shooting Drills like Free Throw Golf. These drills are fast, and they offer plenty of rep.

Do you have any other quick ways to get shooting badges? Please tell us! Also, for more badge guides, click here.