Wanderer’s Valley: Making Chaotic Evil Fun in Age of Wushu

    Age of Wushu has spotlighted a new school which is also the first “Evil” school — the Wanderer’s Valley. They do not care about anything, except making the Wushu world collapse. While rooted in secrecy like the Tangmen, Wanderer’s Valley are not dependent on the shadows. They prefer to know that their school […]

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Cryptic Developers Reveal Neverwinter’s Character Customization

Cryptic games have always been known for its powerful character customization tools such as evident in Star Trek Online. Even greater will this ring true for Perfect World and Cryptic’s upcoming Dungeons & Dragons action MMORPG, Neverwinter. Today, I am pleased to reveal the developer journal about Neverwinter’s character customization when a player steps into […]

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Wizardry Online Updates New Information to Official Wikia

Do you have questions about the upcoming free-to-play fantasy game Wizardry Online, like questions about some of the nuts and bolts of this MMO? If you do, the incoming update to the official wikia might help you to find the answers. According to the Wizardry Online, this update will provide you with more information on […]

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Knight Age Details Updated Pupa System

Joymax has revealed their December update for Knight Age will be largely focused on the Pupa system. Well known for its mounted combat, a knight’s trusty Pupa companion is always by the player’s side. These loyal pets are more than what meets the eye; from collecting to combining, Pupae are an exciting part of the […]