Unable to complete runescape task

While I was finally getting around to completing the Varrock achievements today, I encountered a problem with the “A Lick of Paint” Task in the Varrock medium difficulty set of achievements, where you are required to persuade Gertrude into letting you choose your new kitten, rather than having it be chosen for you.

My other two cats are stored in my POH, and when I attempt to charm her into letting me choose a new one, I get a plank chat screen instead of an option to choose.

I hate to be the guy asking for anyone to fix things, but I’m currently unable to complete the Varrock achievements because of it, which I have been working towards almost all day. If this could please be fixed in the next patch if possible, I would be very grateful. I apologize for my poor writing.

Jagex is aware of this issue, you can see Mod Benjy’s reply on this matter here. But might I suggest removing the link, due to security reasons offsite links aren’t allowed on the public forums.

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