Super september isn’t so super

Living in EST timezone, I missed the second day of the challenges, I come home later at night (9pm) and its the next day…I think that losing out on the final reward just because of real life commitments and having other priorities living on my own kind of stinks. I wish some leeway would have been given in the amount of challenges needed, say allowing to miss 5 days (since everything is incriments of 5).

People will flame me stating that I’m just whining and could find time, i probably could but would be sacrificing time that is needed for other things, plus my fiance enjoys me not being glued to the computer every spare chance I have. I just wish JaGex would realize that they should give some leeway to these sorts of challenges as people are only human, they mess up, and have other responsibilties.

I had other things to do, believe it or not, I’m not asking for your support, I just think it’s kinda garbage how not only does the day change 5 hours sooner than the days ends for me, it ends right as I’m getting home. When you realize that this is just a game and its not just “10 minutes” to do day 2 challenge, then I will consider your argument. I just feel like I’m not being penalized because of a lack of a skill (such as people who are higher stats and can boss faster than me, thats understandable) but rather a lack of time, it does take a decent amount of time to sit down, make sure you’re ready for the day, hop on RS 3 Gold, and do the challenge.

I just didn’t have time, and by finding time I’d give up sleep or time with friends and family that is ultimately more important than the game.. It’s not about missing the one I did at all, you’re missing the point of the thread, I just think as a time restrictive challenge, and also being in a different time zone (I could do it for sure if the hours matched up as I’d have well over 8 hours at home time to do it if the zones matched up) and with people having many things to do outside of RS, some leeway should be given to accomodate the human condition.

This promotion is lame, haven’t been on in like 3 months, so probably missed out on 100 different things and before I left I tried to get everything and I still won’t get computer access for awhile just this cell phone. Some people can’t play everyday even if they wanted too.

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