Eat it zamorakians

How does it feel knowing you got handily defeated by the Mighty Saradomin? EAT IT. Saradomin will rule Lumbridge, then all of Gielinor. I find it funny how Zamorak is this almighty God in yet he lost so easily to Saradomin. You guys should switch sides to Saradomin like I have. I used to be a lowly Zamorakian. Then Saradomin taught me that order is needed. So I switched. Now I’m a Saradomian. Plus, I want Saradomin’s rewards. They’re better looking. Lore-wise though, Saradomin is good. Zamorak is PURE EVIL. Good riddance. I hope Jagex kills him off. Zamorakian scum.

Better looking rewards, an opinion as we all know. Although I suppose if you want to be a walking billboard for Saradomin, his armour might appeal to you.

After all it has seven of his symbols (five one just one piece) on it. So we all know just how much Saradomin wants to ensure you worship him every single waking moment. I mean, just listen to his champion’s music, always chanting his name. What a wonderful existence that must be.

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