How To Training Runescape Craft For Free RS Players

This main section is only for the free players; those who are not members (paying to play).

Runescape crafting

Levels 1-18
You are going to need to get 256 cowhides for this. You just make 256 gloves. You make them by tanning cowhides (dropped by cows) into soft leather. It’s real easy to get up 18 levels if you have runescape gold. You just use the needle on the soft leather bodies. You need thread though. If you get about 100 thread you should be fine. It takes 5 things per one thread. Threads can be bought in the Al-Kharid crafting shop. There is also a tanner in Al-Kharid.

Levels 18-28
You’re going to need 271 leather for this. You will make 271 leather chaps. You make the chaps by tanning the hides into soft leather. These 10 levels go by quick. You just use the needle on the soft leather bodies. If you get about 100 thread you should be fine.

Levels 28-50
Option 1
You’re going to need tons of leather for this. Around 2568 actually. I highly recommend you buy these leathers, it shouldn’t cost too much actually, because of how cheap you can get cowhides for. You will just have to tan all the cowhides and then make them into hard leather. Then, once you get hard leather, use your needle with the hard leather to get Hard Leather Body and keep doing that until your done with cowhides.

I recommend having the needle at the bottom of your inventory and use the needle over and over with the bottom hard leather until your whole inventory is full of hard leather bodies. I recommend the Al Kharid tanner because he is close to the bank. Also if you need a needle and thread you can buy one at the crafting store in Al Kharid.

Option 2
You are going to make silver tiaras for this option. To get level 50, you need around 1741 silver tiaras. This is the harder and more expensive option. I don’t recommend this because of the money involved. But if you want some good smithing xp you can buy silver ores and do this. But I wouldn’t waste your money on silver now because you will be doing silver later.

I recommend buying the silver if you want to do the silver.

Overall though, I recommend cowhides because it costs less to do cowhides and hard leather bodies.

Runescape crafting

Levels 50-99
Unfortunately for you free players, you have only two options.

Option 1
You are going to make silver tiaras. Eventually it takes so many cowhides to level up that silver eventually becomes much better for gaining crafting levels. You need so many silver just to get to level 70 (around 12120) that it’s a tedious task. I recommend that you do 1k silvers at a time so the task doesn’t seem so daunting.

I recommend buying silver if you’er going to do silver.

Option 2
You’re going to make hard leather bodies. Hard leather is probably the best option for leveling even though it takes loads of cowhides. It’s much cheaper (100-150 each tops) and you can buy these in bulk so easily, it works. It’s a great way to get your level up.

Overall I recommend Cowhides because its a little less xp but the price is so huge for a not so big xp difference.