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Runescape is a popular game in the world that many of the players want to reach higher level. Those RS member players can make rs gold by combating, hunting, thieving, collecting materials, making plank, tanning leather and woodcutting just do as the free RS players usually do.

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1. Combat

Players can kill monsters and get drops from them. Those who have high combat level can make a team to fight bosses for great looting, up to hundreds of million drops. Killing all kinds of dragons is also a good choice for making more money. Hides and bones are good profits, because many players buy them for crafting and prayer.

2. Hunter

Hunter is a good skill for easy RS gold farming. When you reach level 41, you can do pitfall for Horned Graahk hides, Sabre-toothed Kyatt hides at level 55. Doing mini-games also a good way to make money. You will make huge money by playing such a profitable mini-game if you can catch Kingly implings.

3. Thieving

You can picketpoket NPCs for conis and some things for sale. When doing Pyramid Plunder, you can bank the gold things for sale; and if you are lucky, you can get Pharaoh\s Sceptre.Use duelling ring and Pharaoh\s Sceptre for easy bank and starting.Sorceress\s Garden is one of the easy money making methods. Pick herbs while play the RS mini-game, and sell for money.

4. Collecting materials

Players can collect matirials while doing quest. Such as the anape grass, potato cacti, swamp toads,dragon scales,and payaya fruits. Amomg those things, please keep in mind that potato cacti is dangerous for low combat level.

5. Plank making and leather tanning

Make planks and tan green dragonhides/snake hides will make you some profits. Attention to the price of hides and leathers,as it is changing every day. Check the price before buying hides.

6. Woodcutting

Woodcutting is useful for both f2p and p2p. Magic trees are much more valuable than yew logs. Here are some good magic chopping spots: South of Seers\ Village, Sorceror\s Tower, Tree Gnome Stronghold, Mage Training Arena, Lletya, Southwest Resource Dungeon in Varrock Sewers.

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