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Fortnite Weapons Guide – How to Use Sniper Rifle

In Fortnite, you must show some skill when use fortnite weapons, for the reason that the traveling bullets are vulnerable to quite a few effects. The initial one particular is, needless to say, a mixture of distance and time. You will need to predict the spot the opponent will be in, at the moment you squeeze the trigger. In addition, gravity pulls the bullet down, that is why, the farther the target, the higher you have to aim (from time to time even several meters above the opponent). Within the above screenshot, the red arrow points for the spot where the opponent is, who becomes practically invisible, if you do not appear by means of scope. Within this certain case, the position with the opponent is a bit higher than that of the player’s, which requirements to become taken into account.

Fortnite Weapons Guide - How to Use Sniper Rifle - 1

In thr second screenshot, you could already see the crosshairs of the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle. Note that the center on the crosshairs is higher above the head on the target. This opponent has been hit in to the torso and taken 116 damage, which secured a kill. To hit the head from such a position, the elevation of crosshairs would have to be even bigger.

Fortnite Weapons Guide - How to Use Sniper Rifle -2

Even though using the sniper rifle, it’s important to watch out for the rest of the snipers. Though seeking through the scope, you are the easiest target in the game – motionless and along with your head exposed. You may use a trick right here, that will help you. 1st, you are able to use the camera for looking around, even though hidden behind a wall. Secondly, right after you’ve got built your fortress (the above screenshot), though standing, set the crosshairs around the opponent and climb down two stairs, so the crosshair is seeking slightly above the fortress. This way, just after you crouch you’ll be hidden behind the stairs and, after you stand up, you will be in a position to take a shot. which you do after you press the “stand up” button. After that, crouch promptly. This method will guarantee you with security, mainly because the sniper lurking within the bushes might be unable to react within the fraction of second.

Fortnite Weapons Guide - How to Use Sniper Rifle - 3

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