Day: July 31, 2013

Quest Center Tips

Urgent all factions hear me

For your future on Gielinor to be one of FREE WILL Then we really need to stop Saradomin now!! All factions come together and stand for Zamorak Cast aside all pre-conceived notions of him being evil and look beyond his appearance! He offers an exciting Future for the world that is adventurous, interesting and diverse! […]


Do not switch sides

To be more specific: If you want all rewards (tier 3 emotes, tier 3 titles, armor), don’t switch sides. You won’t get it. When Jagex upped the renown cost for the tier 2 and tier 3 emotes, they upped the total cost for all rewards on a faction to 65500. Divide that total, you need […]


Runescape bots are here

Eh so today while grinding for tears I witnessed a player(obviously a bot) run back and fourth between the tear tree and pond. Literally ran back and fourth for around 5-10 mins until the node became unstable. A fair few people were reporting him at the time but then I started to notice alot more […]


The runescape abilities bar

I personally don’t like the Abilities bar at ALL! I feel like its so complicated in so many ways! Like I think if I verse a level 20 in Pvp, he could probably win because of his spam clicks. The thing is..I miss the old simple and kill thing..just click the name or Npc and […]


Runescape axceso 5 workaround

This thread is intented to help the players from the latinamerican community who are being forced to make an account with axceso5 for being able to log into the game. Following is the known ways to bypass this until we get an official explanation by jagex. If you find another way to be able to […]


Bol side switching runescape suggestion

It’s complete bs that you have to reset from square one upon switching sides. Why can’t they keep all the work I’ve done? I’m a completionist who want to get all the rewards, but the way Jagex have it set up currently, it’s more or less like they want to lock you into a single […]


Not saradominist?follow zammy

Keep in mind also that if Saradomin wins, all of Misthalin and part of Asgarnia is going to side with him. That means Lumbridge, Falador especially, Varrock. Such a win guarantees him support, resources, and control. He will have a monopoly on human life. Should Zamorak win, however. Falador’s faith will crumble up as they […]


Can not login subscribed runescape account

I’m writing this with my free account. As of today, I can’t login to my subscribed account. Login screen will not accept my user name or my email. I’ve tried using Chrome, Firefox and the client. I cannot submit a ticket, because when I click the SUBMIT button, I get the message, “Please select your […]


My final runescape thoughts

Runescape 1,2,3,4 and so on… I am writing this message as I am no longer playing this Runescape Gold game. However in this thread I am hoping to leave the bedrock if followed and is required if this games wants to start playing with some of the big boys. Each game that’s gets made needs […]


Everyone teleported to lumdy

So on log in once Rs 3 Gold is updated, I see that we will all be teleported to Lumbridge. There is concerns here. I hang out on world 100 a lot and I must say the average of people on there is around 1000 people. Rs3 lotw will have a lot of people on […]